Steak rub that’s easy and tasty

I have inherited my love of all things steak from my parents. We grew up having steak once or twice a month to start. As we got older my parents started a ritual that when they would go out on Friday nights for their date night they would always go to the same restaurant. That restaurant eventually became longhorns steakhouse which they still freguent to this day. As I got older I would look forward to the times my parents took us out to dinner on Friday cause I knew steak was on the menu along with the great company my parents provide.

Now as I am old enough to want steak more often but budget causes me to try and eat out less, I began to toy around with different methods to make my steak stand out. That’s how I came upon this very simple rub made from what I always had in my spice cabinet anyway.

Not being classically trained I hope my directions are not to hard to understand. The rub contains about 3 tablespoons of salt, 3 tablespoons of garlic powder, and 1& 1/2 tablespoons of pepper. Mix til completely blended, then rub all over the steak. I have been using my George Forman grill to sear the steak  for about 1 minute then take 3 pats of butter and place on top of steak and finish cooking to your taste. My favorite is medium personally, how about yours? If you try this out drop me a line and let me know how your steak turns out.

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