Getting healthy as a busy dad

Like most dads finding time to exercise between working full time and spending time with kids, helping with keeping the house up to some what clean and livable is extremely difficult. Now I know that there are fathers out there that have it figured out, are going to say you just make the time. I have thought a lot about that recently as I have officially become the heaviest I have ever been in my life this month. I have reached just over 265, which for me is a real eye opener. Since becoming an adult I have struggled with the loss of my high school, sport playing fit self. I have steadily grown in size apart for 2 years after the separation from my first wife, when I decided I wanted to be fit for me. It was great inspiration and lasted a whole year. I felt great and started to drop in size. Then after a stressful divorce process and job switch my time seemed to be full again. No more running and with my new job it was easier to just eat out for lunch and dinner.


I’ve decided I need to change. To be honest no matter what anyone else says, no matter what you read online or in a health magazine the only thing that’s gonna get you motivated to act is you. The reason I have decided to get in shape is multi-sided.
First is because I have reached my limit on feeling unhealthy and I feel the time is right to change. Second is that I have a beautiful fiancée that will be back in shape in no time after she has our daughter and I’d like to try and keep up with her. Third is I’m about to have my second daughter and I don’t want to be that dad who can’t go out and play because it’s to tiring for me. I want to go play soccer for 3 hours with her and still be ok to function the rest of the day.




This is my plan, I am going to hold myself accountable, to start off by posting my morning get me going exercise. By doing this I hope that the dads in the same boat as I am will give it a try with me. It’s a slow climb up and I plan to make my goals achievable. Next, I’ll post each week how many miles I was able to walk during that week. As time goes on each week I should be able increase miles and reps. As that happens I’ll add additional workouts as the ones I have set become easier. I will also be changing my diet some. First by making sure I eat at least three meals a day, something is better than the nothing I end up with many days. I tend to struggle with that at work. Next, during the week I am going to try and perfect my grilled chicken recipes (which I intend to share on here) and vegetables. On the weekends I can “cheat” and eat what I really want to, but hope that my portion sizes will decrease due to the fact that my weekly portions have become smaller then my old norm. All the dads out there who want to work with me, or have other successes please post, comment, and share. I’m sure everyone wants to improve and you never know what works for whom.

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