First step

Being my first real blog post, I thought I’d talk about the thing that makes a dad a dad-our kids. I have always loved being a dad. I started down my path to the dad side when my little princess Bry was born. I took to it like it had been my mission in life just to be her dad. I’d like to say so far I have done a good job. She is now 10 years old and growing like a weed. She is like most little girls into Barbie, baby dolls and gymnastics, and like most new age little girls YouTube,, Instagram and is now wanting her first snapchat app. Which I’m still holding out on to try and keep a little bit of her childhood. I have been to many a tea party, candyland games, princess movies, and wouldn’t trade any of it for a minute.

That being said I now have the pleasure of having two step-sons to be living in the same home as me. I get to do the baseball games and video games (not that girls can’t play video games mine just doesn’t like too). It’s amazing to me how little boys and little girls are so different in so many ways.


I grew up with 4 younger brothers so I’ve always been used to the rough housing, screaming, broken toys etc. With my daughter I learned that crying was the go to emotional reaction for her, when in trouble, mad, or just overwhelmed along with when she wants something, “Please, daddy I really need that”. Still, being a Step-dad is a new thing for me, learning when to speak up to them and when not to is a skill I still need to work on. I hope to use this blog as a part to work through parenting ideas and help other dads looking for tips from mistakes I’ve already learned from.


I am lucky enough to have a chance to be a dad one more time with the upcoming birth of my daughter Kaylee with my fiancée. I am excited to be having another little girl and it’s nice that our blended family is balancing out with 2 girls and 2 boys. With the baby I get to learn a whole new style of parenting, my fiancée is a cloth diaper mama which I told her I support but as I would not like to clean them so I’d be using disposable diapers. It has been fun planning things for our new daughter especially with the kids helping out. The big siblings are excited for everything except helping to change little Kaylee and her waking them up in the middle of the night.

I hope you’ll continue to follow me as I walk my geeky path through the dad side as a dad who’s gonna make mistakes.  Let me know what you love about being a dad…. And what you else you’d like to hear about here.

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